///About Head Choice

Our History

warehouseHead Choice, Inc. was founded by Tim Morrissey and is a wholesale manufacturing and distribution company that came to life in 2007. After living abroad for more than 10 years developing and selling businesses, the founder, Tim Morrissey, finally decided to return to his hometown of Colorado Springs.

Once back in Colorado Springs, Tim began reconnecting with old friends, which is what started the ball in motion for the creation of Head Choice, Inc. One such friend had been building his business for more than five years and was starting to show signs of exponential growth. Tim wanted to get involved, so he set out on a mission to find the ultimate location for a distribution hub to distribute the amazing products they were producing.

Tim was eager to get going with finding the best location for a distribution company, so he packed his bags once again and headed west in search for a new focal point in the great city of San Francisco. Immediately after arriving in California, he noticed the marketability of the business. There were a long list of possible clients and amazing locations like the Haight-Ashbury District and Berkeley.

The Head Choice mission literally began with Tim going door to door and meeting with every shop owner he could because he was really determined to get his distribution company up and going. It was not long before Tim’s hard work began to pay off and he began supplying 25 shops. In less than a year the original 25 shops grew to more than 100 shops. Head Choice is proud to say that out of all of Tim’s original shops, all 25 of them are still clients of ours to this very day.

In our opinion, Head Choice was able to retain the original shops, plus new clients, because we brought a level of integrity to an industry that really needed it. We are proud to say that we service hundreds of clients every month, scattered across the United States. Head Choice Inc., offers our customers dozens of different products with the same level of devotion and dedication that Tim brought into those first 25 shops many years ago.